Beards are timeless, and they have come in and out of popularity for centuries. Those who prefer to stay away from trending hairstyles often choose to do the opposite, but there are many surprising reasons men should grow beards. These are a way to make a personal statement and play a key role in shaping a person’s style. A large contingency of men and women believe beards are simply cool, but some would see them go away altogether. Luckily, the benefits far outweigh any perceived negativity and make growing a beard a great idea.

Blocks UV Rays

Extensive scientific research was conducted over the course of decades, and the many results found concluded that 95 percent of UV radiation was blocked by a beard. Not only do beards help protect skin from burns, but also help protect your skin from malicious cells that eventually become cancerous. UV radiation is responsible for aging spots, early-onset wrinkles, freckles, moles, and more. By growing a beard, you tend to increase your comfort when outdoors, and begin to feel just a bit more confident about yourself.

Less Acne

At the Burly Fellow online beard grooming store, you have everything you need to get started growing and maintaining a beard. A great deal of that effort is rewarded once you begin to notice your skin is becoming clearer. Shaving frequently was proven to increase your chance of developing acne. This was due to the fact that the majority of pimples on a face are caused by ingrown hair follicles, that then became infected. By shaving, you increase your chance of developing skin irritation, and worse, by 50 percent.

Perception Is Important

In one study, men shaved their beards and regrew them, and then the documented progress was given to 64 men and 64 women to analyse. The research found that the opinion of the groups improved dramatically as the beards grew in, making it clear that beards made an individual appear more attractive. In addition to attractive, men were perceived to appear healthier, older, and more approachable. In short, a well-kept beard, of the right length, can completely alter opinions towards you into a more favourable light.

Building Confidence

Men with more confidence tend to be more successful in many aspects of their lives. A beard can help a man develop a greater sense of power and confidence, not felt with the beard gone. Therefore, making the decision to grow a beard is a way for many men to heighten the standard for their lives and become more successful. You are also not immune to the charms of a beard, and seeing your image improve each week should help you to feel more confident as you progress.

Natural Filter

A moustache, in addition to a beard, will create a natural filter capable of keeping allergens away from your nose. This will reduce the effects of conditions such as hay fever and other allergies. With a beard, that filtering effect is increased to a level impossible through other means. In fact, some allergens and airborne bacteria are kept from entering your mouth, too. The benefits will quickly add up the longer your beard grows.

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