Our clothes say a lot about us, and we all have a sense of fashion whether we like to admit it or not. You might not consider yourself a fashion guru in the conventional sense, but you’ll almost definitely have a preferred style of clothing that contributes to your identity. Even if you go out of your way to avoid looking ‘stylish’ and ignore the latest fashion trends, you are still attempting to convey a message of having a disregard for the modern fashion industry.

People Determine Your Personality By Your Clothes

Of course, there are plenty of people who simply adore staying up to date with the latest trends, buying designer clothing, and attempting to stand out of the crowd. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look great and turn a few heads as a result. There are many scenarios where looking dapper is the only option you have, such as at job interviews and weddings, and nobody can deny the fact that they feel like a millionaire when they slip into a sleek tuxedo.

Men’s shirts have changed dramatically in style over the years. There was once a time where the big thing was to wear the baggiest t-shirt possible without it looking like a dress. Now, especially for those who love to hit the gym on a regular basis, tight shirts are pretty much a must. Below, we’ll take a look – just for fun – at what your shirts might say about you.

The Very First Impression

When it really comes down to it – whether it’s a good thing or not – a lot of people are going to make assumptions about your character based on the clothes you’re wearing, especially when it comes to shirts given the fact that the majority of people wear similar looking trousers. Here’s what your t-shirts might be saying about you.

People Determine Your Personality By Your Clothes1

  • T-shirts featuring prominent branding – This definitely makes you look like you’re in tune with the latest fashionable trends and perhaps have a penny or two to spare, too. Most people are aware of the mega expensive labels, and they’ll know instantly you’re not afraid to splash out when it comes to clothing.
  • Plain t-shirts – Of course, a lot of people don’t want the brand of their t-shirt to be noticeable. They’d rather mix in with the crowd than stand out. If you walk into a shop with a very plain t-shirt, people may guess you wear clothes simply to cover yourself up.
  • Ripped t-shirts – This is the ultimate way of shouting out to the world ‘I really don’t care how I look,’ which is actually considered quite cool nowadays. You only buy new shirts when you’re good and ready, usually when your old clothes are literally falling apart.

We think that there is no bad style of clothing, and we also think our choice of clothes is important because it allows us to express a little individuality. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to stand out, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to simply fit in. Besides, there are a million different styles and types of clothing to choose from in this day and age that you have an unlimited choice

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