Shopping for sparklers for your wedding may seem like an easy job, but there are a lot of factors that you need to consider to get the best price. On top of that, you also need to consider the quality of the sparklers that you’re purchasing when you calculate the cost because overall value is an important element as well. When your guests light their sparklers at your wedding, you don’t want them to be difficult to light or fall apart as they burn. At the same time, you don’t want to spend a small fortune, so balancing the two criteria is very important. Here’s everything you need to know about sparklers for wedding before you head out to shop.

Buy Actual Wedding Sparklers

There are lots of little fireworks stores that sell cheap sparklers during the summer, but they are often times not suited for a wedding situation. What you want to buy are wedding sparklers that are designed, manufactured, and package specifically for weddings. Wed ding sparklers will be much better constructed than cheap sparklers including a metal wire handle rather than wood which makes them smokeless for better quality pictures. They will also be packaged elegantly, and that’s important to keep your wedding theme looking great.

Look at the Thickness

Quality is measured primarily by thickness when it comes to sparklers, so this is something to pay close attention to. Thin sparklers will burn much faster than thick ones, and they can also fall apart as they burn which raises serious safety concerns at a wedding; especially if it is indoors! High quality wedding sparklers will be at least double or triple dipped, so checking for thickness on the wire will be a great indication of how well manufactured they are.

Pay Attention to Duration

Along with thickness, advertised burn duration can be a huge indicator of the quality of sparklers that you are looking at. A high quality 20 inch wedding sparkler should burn for around one and a half minutes, so if they are advertised as burning for less duration, then they are probably cheaply made sparklers. It may be tempting to buy the cheapest wedding sparklers you can find, but you will get a much better value if you hold out for ones that last over a minute and a half each.

Compare Prices Online

Thankfully, we live in a world where you can shop online for virtually any product under the sun, and wedding sparklers are no exception. Utilize the internet to compare prices and brands from multiple sellers before you settle on a final decision. You can use one of the many price comparison apps out there to find the best price to make it easy. Also, make sure you check the reviews from real customers online to see if the company you’re considering has a good reputation. It’s best to use a third party review site such as Wedding Wire because it is much less likely that the reviews are faked.

Shopping for wedding sparklers doesn’t need to be a challenge if you remember the criteria to look for. Always check for quality and brand reputation before making a decision, and remember that quality is important. Everyone always wants to find the best price on their wedding sparklers, but sometimes you need to balance cost and quality to get the best value at the end of the day.

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