The economy of the twenty-first century is different than it has ever been in the past. Previously, people were restricted to buying goods that were available from brick and mortar retailers in their immediate area; that meant walking distance or driving distance for most people. There were exceptions for larger companies that sent out seasonal or annual catalogues. Other than those few mail-order options, people weren’t able to buy products from far away. That monopoly of the market created very little incentive for stores to offer better prices and discounts for their goods. That’s all changed with the advent of the internet. Now, you can buy goods from all over the world. If you’re in London, you can buy trainers from Leipzig or Los Angeles just as easily as you could from a shop down the road. This has created incredible international competition and driven businesses to offer innovative ways to appeal to customers. Online discounts and group rates are two examples of these types of innovations.

Online Coupon Codes

Companies have begun to micro-target their customers. To continue the example of trainers, businesses might offer a unique discount code to everyone who is participating in a marathon. This code is ostensibly only for people who were at the marathon, but once it’s published on the internet, anyone can use it. Marks and Spencer is a great example of a business that has many different online coupon codes and discount rates for customers. You can visit to see some of the great discounts available. The best way to find them is through a clearinghouse of sorts.

Coupon Clearinghouse

A clearinghouse for coupons is a website that aggregates coupon codes from around the world, gathering them into one place. All you need to do is search for a certain product, service, or company. You’ll then see a series of coupon codes for the different items. As with physical coupons, these tend to have expiration dates and specific item restrictions; certain ones might expire or others ones may not be applicable to your purchase. That’s why it’s so important to avail yourself of a clearinghouse. The clearinghouse will gather a great number of different coupons from many different sources, which will give you a whole range of choices to find one that works for you. You don’t have to rely on just one source, or on what businesses offer directly you through some kind of promotion.

A collection of great coupons and discount codes puts the power back in your hands. As an informed customer with a wide range of options for shopping, you’ll be able to make informed decisions that are in your best interests. You don’t have to be beholden to one company or to one set of coupons. You can search through many different offerings around London and around the world. The power is in the hands of the customer in the twenty-first century; that means you never have to pay full price again.

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