We help you pick the perfect blazer for both workwear and a night out on the town.

Blazers are a thing of beauty. They elevate even the drabbest ensemble and make their wearer look like a modern male with his fashion game on point. Though the weather in most parts of the country does not permit much layering, many Indian men are finding ways to wear blazers even in the summer.

Your toned, fit body looks uber stylish in a blazer – but do you have different kinds of blazers for men? We give you some nifty ideas on buying new blazers online.

* Which type do you select? There’s a type of men’s blazer for every occasion, so which ones are you looking for? When you’re looking for blazers online on your preferred shopping app, you are likely to find double buttoned and double breasted ones. Double breasted blazers are normally worn for formal occasions. Meanwhile, casual blazers may have detailing like differently coloured piping or patch pockets.

* The fit.More than the material or the type, it’s the fit that determines if a particular blazer for menlooks just right or not. Getting the fit right is often a tricky business – most are either too loose or too tight. Besides, your body might not adhere exactly in dimensions to that of the model you can see on the online site, so there is bound to be some mismatch on fit. However, if you check the size guide correctly for the waist, shoulders, chest, hip and sleeve and blazer length and find the dimensions correct, then there should not be a problem. Or if you are completely unsure, it is better to buy material from a high end retailer and get the blazer tailored to your exact measurements. The rule of thumb with blazer fits is: the sleeves should not exceed beyond the wrist, and the shoulders should not pull every time you move your arms.

* There are multiple choices in materials. Most blazers for men sold online and offline tend to feature cotton as its dominant material. These are workwear blazers which require some amount of maintenance and proper storage so that they don’t become shapeless. You might need to starch the blazer and have it dry cleaned instead of washing it at home. Other materials to try are linen (it is best for the summer heat), jute, cotton-jute or cotton-linen blend, velvet and even satin. Pick the material basis the weather and the occasion. For instance, velvet and satin are preferred only for formal occasions like wedding receptions. The other materials are good to go for office wear and casual occasions.

* Colours and other considerations.If you are looking for workwear blazers for men, then you should buy options in light grey, sky blue, beige and bone green – these are the trendiest shades this season. Also, these colours will not clash with the colour of your pants. Another factor you need to consider is the kind of trousers and shoes you will wear with the blazer you buy. Fitted cotton or linen chinos look best with most blazers – never wear baggy trousers so that your silhouette is maintained properly.

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