Tahitian pearls are organic gems formed by black lip oysters. Since the productivity of these pearls is not quite high, few farms have started culturing these pearls in turquoise water, thereby increasing their availability. These pearls being more precious than white pearls are more aesthetic and scarce thereby making them ideal for jewellery.

Pearl jewelleries have been one of the most favourite of women and receive attention because of its classic look, timeless elegance and sophistication. Due to the variety available in Tahitian pearls, pearl jewellery has more desirable and fashionable dimension.

Jewellery Choices in Tahitian Pearl

 People buying Tahitian pearl jewellery get a wide range of varieties. These pearls are used for making earrings, and other circled or ringed shaped jewellery material. Usually, earrings are available in dangling or stud designs as per the use and preference of wearer.

Most often, pearl lovers choose bracelets, in multi-stranded or single designs, larger and more creative pieces. However, necklaces are the most favourite jewellery style for Tahitian pearls, offering about seven variations to be chosen from.

Different Types as Per Shape, Size and Colour

  • Size

Most of the Tahitian pearls are available in 8 mm to 14 mm size. Some are even available in the range of 16 mm to 18 mm. Pearls measuring more than 18 mm or more get “A” rating despite its colour.


  • Colour

Tahitian pearls are also called black pearls. They get different shades from the black pigment, which oysters secrete. This determines intensity of pearl’s colour.

  • Shape

Tahitian pearls are available in different shapes, ranging from semi rounded, semi baroque, baroque, and round, circle or ringed ones. You can choose a pearl as per your requirement.


Tahitian pearls are rare pieces of gems available in various sizes, designs etc. You can shop for a Tahitian pearl online too. However, make sure to compare prices of different websites and choose a quality pearls at reasonable cost.

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