Ride-on toys offer a unique fun experience to kids because they take kids fast ahead. Kids always love speed; they love running speedily, they love vehicles – both traveling in and watching them; why? It’s because they love speed. Ride-on toys introduce them to their favourite speed and so, you should buy them for your kid.

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However, fun is not the only benefit of ride-on toys. There are many others. Here are just some.

1. Improvement in Mobility

Toddlers and young children should be able to balance while learning to walk and run. This is achieved by ride-on toys by encouraging the usage of large muscle groups. While climbing on and off of ride-on toys, kids should balance themselves in order to avoid falling.

Once they climb on the toy, they start to use their leg muscles to push themselves or to move pedals. Rocking ride-on toys need leg as well as core muscles for a back and forth motion. Step2 Direct has a range of ride-on toys.

Ride-on toys also bring fine motor skills into play. Controlling handlebars or steering wheels need kids to use smaller muscles and encourage coordination between arms, hands, feet and legs. Embellishments like pretend radio knobs, bells or horns also need little hands to hold, push and turn to use them. Thus ride-on toys promote a lot of various movements.

2. Bring about Exercise

If adults in home look at exercise as an unpleasant and difficult activity, there is a risk of development of the same attitude in kids too. However, ride-on toys create a much more positive view about exercise. Actually while zooming back and forth on their beloved ride-ons, kids won’t even realise that they are exercising.

Safe Step2 Direct ride on toys for kids are extremely simple tools that can develop a liking for moving around in children. And it’s not even difficult to make children engage into this exercise; in fact, they will themselves like to perform the activity.

3. Inspiration for Independent Play

While normally there is a need to supervise children while they are playing, ride-on toys are something which encourages independent play. Kids learn to use their own power to move from one place to another in a way which is more complex and still easier than walking.

Riding around the home, yard or neighbourhood gives children a chance to get more into their surroundings on their own. This not only helps them to make opinions about the world, but also helps to think independently which will help them succeed in the future – in education and in career.

4. Build Confidence

As your toddler will learn to coordinate the various movements required to power the ride-on toy, s/he will gain confidence in her/his own abilities and skills. Upgrading from toys that are pushed with feet to the ones to be pushed with pedals, then to tricycles, then to bicycles and then to bikes without training wheels are all milestones which kids feel proud of.

The more comfortable they feel with ride-on toys, the more capable they will become to face challenges. The confidence reflects in other walks of life, assisting kids to tackle with difficulties arising while learning and growing.

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5. Make Kids Love Outdoors

Computers, video games, television and tablet devices are making children couch potatoes. However, going out in the sunshine and fresh air is a necessity for the growth of children. Kids who play outdoors tend to be naturally healthier than indoor kids and are also more likely to pick outdoor activities upon growing older.

Ride-on toys are mostly used in outdoors and bring about a healthy growth of children. Children also get positive stimulation from the natural surroundings like park, backyard or sidewalk, which they will hardly get from sitting before a screen for hours.

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